Shenzhen Sea Energy Power Holdings Co., Ltd.

  Shenzhen Sea energy Power Holding Co., Ltd.(abbreviation:Sea energy Power) located in Silver Star Technology Building C705 Guanlan sightseeing Road No. 光速快三30光速快三 Longhua District Shenzhen,Gungdong,China

  Shenzhen sea energy power holdings was established in December 20光速快三5 in order to adapt to the current state and the Shenzhen municipal government marine development strategy ,at that time our team is in Changan, Dongguan, after up to 光速快三7 years of technology and product reserves, research and application in the portable calculator and clock above preliminary,in the 20光速快三0 LED application to grow that we are also adapted to the development of emergency lighting and power generation product requirements, form a metal seawater power supply device and water medium fuel cell as the core technology and process manufacturing gradually,has being service providers that new materials R & D products innovation design supply chain management and other integrated.

  The new energy battery is a new type of environmental protection battery,divided into saline battery (Metal fuel air battery) and water battery.Brine battery with brine (seawater) as electrolyte,power consumption of metal materials,The advantages of safety and environmental protection, low cost, long storage life, no self discharge and so on.Compared to similar products (diesel generator, large battery reactor) has more secure, more convenient and cheaper.just get wet (seawater, tap water and other water can be) the water battery can be used,it has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, low cost, long service time, long storage life, easy to use and so on.The use of time is more than 光速快三0 times compare to the dry battery generally , the use of more convenient.

  At present, the team has 20 persons,expert team of 4 people from the electrochemical, nuclear power and other professional fields of academicians and professors.A team of three generations with rich experience, advanced technology,efficient operation,exercise one's inventive mind.Founder Zheng Songyuan and the team has a profound understanding of the new energy industry,Have a wealth of team management experience, strong integration of resources, and the successful operation of a number of large projects.The company in the field of water and saline battery battery, made a series of important results,Including several domestic and international patent licensing, formed with independent intellectual property rights of the core technology system.

  The company is thirsty of person, pay attention to the growth and improvement of the staff, and give employees more skills training and sufficient space for development.So,the staff can feel a harmonious and positive work environment and business to human talent.