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Invited to Longhua New District to hold corporate policy propaganda

August 4 in the afternoon, sponsored by the Longhua District Organization and Personnel Bureau and the Economic Services Bureau corporate benefits policy propaganda will in view of Lake Cultural Arts Center, the little theatre was successfully held. Lectures will be invited to the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the City Commission by letter, Kechuang Expert Committee on interpretation of the municipal Party committee and government introduced this year to promote the development, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, promote the innovation of science and technology policy and the new organization and Personnel Bureau, economic services bureau responsible person to explain the Longhua District policy. Seminar attracted area of nearly 500 enterprises to participate in, some enterprises outside the area but admiring.

In the first half of this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Government promulgated < on the promotion of scientific and technological innovation some measures >. < on support to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises some measures >. < on the several measures to promote talent to give priority to the development of >, Longhua District accordingly introduced the < to promote scientific and technological innovation to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises on several measures of >, < dragon Huazhang 2020 talent development some measures > and so on enterprise profit enterprises benefit policy. For the timely, indepth and wide publicity in the city, District, two levels of policy help enterprises to understand the policy and use with adequate policies, so that policy and effectively implemented, and to promote the development of the enterprise, Longhua District first in the city held large policy propaganda.

 Form of Pro Longhua District Economic Services Bureau responsible person said, "the policy benefits enterprises, service enterprises, help enterprises bigger and stronger" has been Longhua District Service Enterprise guiding ideology. Held large enterprises benefit policy propaganda, is based on the district Party committee, the CMC work deployment, fulfil municipal Party committee, municipal government related policy, the purpose is to let the city and district level policy implemented, let enterprises to effectively access to affordable, boosting the development of enterprises. The responsible person also said, as long as it is conducive to enterprise development, Longhua District Economic Services Bureau will not be left over to, to quality of service investment, pro business, security business, strong business.